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The Windswept Story of Seasons

Hi there! A little more than two years ago, we decided to make an EP for every season of the year. Five songs for Spring, five for the Summer, five songs for Autumn, and four last songs for the Winter. Today Winter has started again and our last songs are finally released. We think it’s … Lees verder

Order Seasons

Hi there! If you like, you can order the physical CD Seasons, including all 4 EPs Part of the Plan, Fall/Awake, Hide the House and Boats to Go. (That’s one hour and four minutes of our songs) Please transfer €12,- to NL06INGB0008882590 (K Truijen in Amsterdam) and Seasons will make its way to your house … Lees verder

Boats To Go

We have released the final EP of Seasons. Listen to Boats to Go and let us know what you think! x Katía, Denis, Jelle and Zoli