One day until it’s Winter…


Sounds of the Season

Hi there! Last Friday I played at the lovely Sound of the Season evening, organised by KONIJN in Amsterdam. There were great artists like Medine and Merlijn and Pieter and Olaf, and the food was pretty delicious as well. So yes, autumn has started. I’m writing new songs. Meanwhile I’m working on the windswept story … Lees verder


Thursday august 28 I will be playing at Het Zwerfklankfestival in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. From 5pm till 3am the place will be full of songs, fire and unexpected performances. This evening I will play a solo show for you. Hope to see you there too! Katía

Concerto Show and Videos!

Hi there! Welcome in ‘wintertime’. (We can’t get used to the new clock time…) Our new EP is being mixed and stirred, while we are still adding some unusual and unexpected flavors on the go. If you are getting hungry, check our website or Facebook page once in a while for some appetizers that we … Lees verder